Android + iOS Developer seeking a new role

I’m an experienced mobile app developer, with 6+ years of experience developing native apps for Android and iOS. I have been consulting remotely and internationally, with clients ranging from university entrepreneurs to government-funded digital identity verification providers. I attended the Flatiron School in NYC to study iOS Software Development, MIT’s Fabrication Academy to study digital fabrication, and Udacity to study Android App development. Before moving to Amsterdam, I led the Boston Code Dojo MeetUp, a language agnostic algorithm challenge group, for 2 years.

I’m looking for a full-time position, remote, with partial US-day overlap possible.

Check out my resume here.

To name just a few technologies I’m experienced with: Android, iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, UI, UX, Git, autolayout, accessibility, privacy, mobile security, native apps.

Before getting into tech I lived a very different life full of problem solving. I designed and built an off-grid house from salvaged materials, in a roadless valley on a sparsely populated island in Hawai’i that I lived in for four years. Since then, I’ve enjoyed exploring the world by bicycle, and I’m usually nerding out about fermented foods, primitive skills, ethnobotany, and sustainability.

Whether it’s a mobile app, a startup idea, building a bicycle, or architecting an off-grid homestead, I enjoy the process of planning and creating ambitious ideas. Specifically, I love collaborating with kind and fun people to develop efficient and useful products to improve lives.

I’m a strong mobile developer with experience leading the product/project management for teams, and would love a role where I can utilize my product design and management skills. I want to be involved in architecture design, mentor/train other developers in best practices, help improve technical hiring, and use my rounded skill set to create well built products.

I’m looking for a position where I can have the opportunity to use my user-centric product development skills, and dream of working for a company whose mission I firmly believe in. I look for jobs about which I am passionate because this allows me to be extremely productive and creative, but also gives me the opportunity to grow.

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US Citizen, EU Resident, currently based in Amsterdam. Part-time digital nomad, traveling around by bicycle and train.

Favorite hobbies?

Cycling, bikepacking, product design, DIY camping gear, hardware hacking, ethnobotany (Identifying and using plants), food fermentation, and entrepreneurship.

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