Heidi A.K. Hansen
Technical Product Manager and Software Engineer (Android and iOS)
Heidi is a software consultant at Biep Boep Software, a company that helps entrepreneurs build elegant, performant, and beautiful mobile apps developed on native platforms. She has worked independently and collaboratively with small and large teams on software tools for privacy, security, health, travel, and accessibility, to name a few. Prior to her career as an engineer, she designed and built an off-grid farm and educational center where she lived for four years. Heidi has studied digital fabrication at FabAcademy, Android development at Udacity, iOS development at Flatiron, and Sustainable Design at Evergreen. In her free time, she can be found cycling, designing circuit boards, and making her own ultralight camping gear.
Interests: Accessibility, security, privacy, IoT/wearables, cycling, outdoor access, survival skills, climate change, sustainable design, renewable energy, zero waste, and food systems