Heidi A.K. Hansen


Heidi is a software consultant at Biep Boep Software, a company that helps entrepreneurs build elegant, performant, and beautiful mobile apps developed on native platforms. She has worked independently and collaboratively with small and large teams on software tools for privacy, security, health, travel, and accessibility, to name a few. Prior to her career as an engineer, she designed and built an off-grid farm and educational center where she lived for four years. Heidi has studied digital fabrication at FabAcademy, Android development at Udacity, iOS development at Flatiron, and Sustainable Design at Evergreen. In her free time, she can be found cycling, designing circuit boards, and making her own ultralight camping gear.


Software Development: iOS, Android, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Java, C, Bash, HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Arduino

Toolsets: Xcode, Android Studio, Fastlane, CLI tools, VS Code, Flutter, Cocoapods, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Jira, KiCad, Confluence, Notion, Gatsby, Sketch, App Store release management and automation, Fusion360, Illustrator

Product and Operations Management: Sprint Planning, Agile/Scrum, Technical writing



Read Your Body: The only privacy-first mobile app for fertility charting.

  • Oversaw the development of the iOS and Android apps from conception, through beta release to 100+ users, to production launch.
  • Defined technical requirements and documentation, advised founder on accessibility, Material Design and Human Interface Guidelines, health data security protocols, user permissions and privacy, app store release management, QA and Beta testing, and CI/CD.
  • Refined product vision, crafted road map, sprints, milestones, timeline, oversaw QA and beta test program, and R&D development options to suit budget and design considerations.

2019 - Now


(Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift) Mobile app development consultancy, native platforms.

  • Android Developer (Kotlin) - OCL
    2018 – 2019
    Portes: An asymmetric-encryption-based status verification app. Portes lets you access controlled content anonymously, like having a digital wristband, without sharing your personal identity.
    • Created authentication with custom pinpad, biometric identification, secure enclave, custom QR scanner, custom animations to validate and authenticate single-use tokens, JNI, Firebase MLKit, constraint layouts, custom preferences.
    • Architected data flow with room database, dao, repository, coroutines, asyncTask, listenableFuture, workManager, liveData, lifecycleObservers, listenableWorkers.
    • Collaborated with the iOS developer and assisted in all aspects of iOS development to ensure feature parity.
  • iOS Developer (Objective-C and Swift) - LithoByte
    2015 - 2018
    Mobile app development firm, with a focus on creating apps from scratch for entrepreneurs. Apps worked on:
    • Subway:NYC and BostonT transit apps (Swift). General Transit Feed Specification, Fabric, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, Flurry and Crashlytics analytics, Mantle models, OCMock, Specta/Expecta, iAds, GoogleAds, Yext ads.
    • Viden: A yelp-like app to review travel activities in European countries. (Objective-C). Included: Login with Facebook SDK, Specta/Expecta tests with HTTP+JSON stubbing and OCMock, Crashlytics, Fabric, in-app version management, Cloudinary media integration.

2014 - Now

SOFTWARE ENGINEER - IOS, SimpliSafe Home Security

(Objective-C and C) Simplisafe’s home security system is a comprehensive whole-house hardware solution controlled from a mobile app. I was part of a team of three mobile developers.

  • Collaborated with >40 hardware engineers to integrate the cameras, sensors, keypads, alarms, and base stations into the mobile apps via cellular, wifi, and bluetooth to trigger camera recording, motion detection, push notifications, and disaster response.
  • Created performant buffered stream video players to display HD feeds from MJPEG H264 video streams and resolved memory leaks using instruments and interface inspector to crafted an incredible UX to view and control up to 5 time-synced HD video streams in one view.
  • Accelerated app update frequency 6x, while decreasing app deployment time from 4+ days to 30 minutes with comprehensive standards and processes I developed to automate and simplify git flow, Jira workflows, app bundling, CI/CD, app store updates, documentation, and test automation.
  • Proposed and implemented an overhaul of the hiring process to improve outcomes and reduce bias. Proposed and aided the creation of a mentoring program to train in-house customer service representatives to transition into the engineering department’s QA team.

2016 - 2017


(Objective-C) Trill was an iOS app designed to improve discoverability of cultural experiences like theater, art shows, and more. I worked closely with another developer to create the beautifully designed app from scratch in Objective-C.

  • Used Autolayout, xibs/nibs, custom tableview animations, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, MapKit, Cocoapods, Facebook SDK, Fabric, CrashLytics, MessageUI, APNS, Specta/Expecta, OHTTPStubs, OCMock, AddressBook, and Rails database run on Heroku

2015 - 2016


Sitecues is an innovative Web-based accessibility solution that builds zoom and speech features into websites to enhance the usability for website visitors who experience visual and print difficulties.

  • Created documentation system and documented all processes for hiring, onboarding, planning, dev ops, and development. Wrote product press releases and educational posts on topics of true accessibility versus basic compliance, testing your software for accessibility, design considerations for users with low vision, blindness, dyslexia, and other disabilities.
  • Created QA test plan, managed team of 40 testers with Applause, triaged results, created year-long sprint implementation roadmap for bug fixes and new features, and created unit test plan with JS Mocha for core product.
  • Created custom Sitecues product site using Java to replace legacy wordpress site


OPERATIONS MANAGER, FOUNDER, AND ARCHITECT, Wailau Organic Farm and Educational Center

Procured and developed a 1.71-acre plot of raw land in a roadless valley into an off-grid home and teaching center.

  • Fundraised to purchase and develop land. Designed and built energy efficient house from 100% salvaged materials. Designed and installed off-grid solar photovoltaic power supply, satellite internet, micro-hydro generator, plumbing, hot water system, cellular tower relay, and whole-house electrical system.
  • Organized annual procurement, transport, and preservation of a year’s worth of food storage. Transport means included barge, motorboat, kayak, backpacking, swimming, and helicopter. Cultivated over 200 varieties of fruit trees and 400 varieties of vegetables.
  • Consulted with Sust’ainable Molokai to assist in the design and engineering for the first LEED-certified off-grid home on Molokai built from locally grown materials.
  • Developed, marketed, organized, hosted, and taught educational retreats for individuals, groups, and organizations including The Boy Scouts of America on topics of sustainable agriculture, subsistence farming, seed selecting and saving, food processing and preservation, and survival skills.

2009 - 2014


MIT's FabAcademy

Certificate, Digital Fabrication - 'How to Make Almost Anything'

Topics included: Product design, rapid prototyping, modelling with 2D and 3D software, laser cutting, circuit board design, networking protocols, sensors and output devices, 3D printing and scanning, CNC machining, mould design, construction and casting, mechanical and machine design



Nanodegree, Android Development (Java)


Flatiron School

Certificate, iOS App Development (Objective-C)


The Evergreen State College

Degree, Sustainable Design - Agriculture and Architecture


Protect.Earth, (Open Source)

Protect.Earth is a list of strategies, products, services, and companies focused on sustainability and environmental protection. We are faced with a global existential crisis - every little bit you can do helps.

Lola wearable fertility monitor, (Stealth mode)

Milk and Honey, The CleanWeb Hackathon

A farmer’s market food delivery app built at The CleanWeb Hackathon

Boston Code Dojo, Meetup

Founded and organized a meetup group w/ 300+ members to teach language-agnostic algorithm challenges.


Accessibility, security, privacy, IoT/wearables, cycling, outdoor access, survival skills, climate change, sustainable design, renewable energy, zero waste, and food systems


Bicycle Mechanic and Teacher, Community bicycle shops (many)

2005 - Now

Teacher's Assistant, Girl Develop It!


2015 - 2016

Makerspace Community Volunteer, Artisan's Asylum, Inc.


2015 - 2016

Survival skills and primitive technology instructor, Boy Scouts of America


2010 - 2013


'Heidi is a rare find in the burgeoning world of tech. Combining strong technical expertise with outstanding interpersonal skills...she (has) infectious curiosity and enthusiasm, unafraid of taking measured risks and trying new things... (has) a close eye on detail and delivery...this project would not have succeeded without Heidi’s guidance and oversight. She counselled...me to make wise, courageous, strategic, technical decisions...keeping us focused on key deliverables...offering input without ever imposing...Easy rapport makes working with Heidi extra special...(she has been a) huge source of support and strength while striving to deliver such an ambitious project...championing accessibility and privacy throughout. She brings...humility, humour, empathy, quiet confidence and tenacity to her work. In choosing to work with Heidi we found not only an exceptional technical product manager, but also a generous mentor and valued colleague. I would recommend her without hesitation.' - Laura Robson, Co-Founder of The Body Literacy Co.

...Additonal references available on request...